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Determination of Unitary Costs -direct and indirect- of its services.

  • For our experience in hospital projects, we know that the operation and administration of a hospital are extremely complex due to the multiple elements, resources and factors that are involved to provide adequate care to patients and, at the same time, comply with the different standards and regulations: adequate facilities, specialized equipment, medical personnel, specialists and nurses, medicines and supplies; in addition to a platform of information and communications systems as well as an operational and administrative support structure, etc.



  • With all these factors involved, being able to obtain a precise cost for the services offered by a hospital becomes an extremely complex, tortuous and inaccurate process.


  • On the other hand, for a hospital, being able to determine with precision how the unit costs of its services are integrated is fundamental when negotiating agreements with insurers, entities and companies; Define discounts for service packages, participate in bids or decide investments.